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Metro/tram Amsterdam EN
Metro/tram Amsterdam EN 2018

Metro / tram Amsterdam is now available as a beautiful canvas quality print, stretched on a frame for on the wall. The map is regularly updated, so there is always a recent version in the online shop.

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This metro / tram map was made by Eric Hammink from Amsterdam. A graphic designer with a passion for maps. He takes you a bit back in time how this map came about: "As a new resident of Amsterdam, I tried to familiarize myself with the tram line network because this is a convenient way to get around the city, but when I studied the lines in an abri (this was around 2003, with no real smartphone available) it struck me that I quickly lost it. Everything was there, but not really clear.

Meanwhile, a few years later around 2007, I played with the idea to design a digital map myself. In the same year the iPhone came was introduced, this map became reality. After a few months of tinkering, the Tourist Amsterdam app was introduced in 2008 with this circular map concept. The iconic circle shape in particular contributed to the fact that travelers could link the lines with the geography of the Amsterdam canals, which suddenly made the network much more transparent. The commissioning of the Noord / Zuidlijn in July of 2018 was a great moment for an anniversary edition of this map with the renewed lines network of Metro and Tram."

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